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SAFILM 2020 Online Concludes Next Week


SAFILM-San Antonio Film Festival wraps the 2020 (pandemic) season of online mini-fests with the final run of its official December selections, streaming Wednesday, Dec. 9 through Sunday, Dec. 13.

This group includes films from independent, local and global filmmakers, including four  blocks of shorts:

  • Feast Your Eyes. A pair of culinary films from Spain and Canada.
  • Growing Pains. Films exploring the years before adulthood.
  • It’s All Relative. Shorts about family dynamics.
  • Subtitle Sessions. Foreign language shorts.

These short films are recommended by SAFILM director Adam Rocha:

1. Skaros (Subtitle Sessions)
An impoverished goat herder scrambles up a haunted mountain in search of a transcendental treasure buried at its peak.

2. Eilbek Boys (Subtitle Sessions)
When a German teenager joins a predominantly immigrant soccer team, he struggles to come part of the team and find friendship.

3. Rabbits (It’s All Relative)
In late 1960s Australia, Henry and his father George are two different kinds of men, yet the pressures of an overbearing father divert both their futures.

4. Furthest From {Growing Pains}
In Novato, California, in 1999, an eight-year-old girl named Jessie is enjoying what little time she has left with her best friend, Lucas.

5. Salting the Fly (It’s All Relative)
With a precarious fate approaching, Danny, an autistic teenager, and his older brother, David, perform a familiar childhood ritual to lighten the gravity of their plight.

Circus Sam

6. Circus Sam (Growing Pains)
Starring Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride). In an American coastal town, Alice Featherston is having a hard time asking her crush, Dave, to be her high school prom date. That changes, however, when she meets a traveling circus clown, Sam. The two strike up a unique rapport.

Five feature films will also be presented.

  • Passport Preachers. Directed by Alejandro Dehoyos from San Antonio.

  • Blinders. Directed by Tyler Savage from Los Angeles.
  • Letters from Antarctica. Directed by Stanislav Donchev from Bulgaria.
  • My Dearest Enemy. Directed by Tzipi Trope from New York.
  • Wisper. Directed by Russ Emmanuel from Huntington Beach, CA.

Those who wish to view all the films can purchase a Mini Fest pass for $29, which includes an SAFILM 2020 commemorative t-shirt. Individual tickets can be purchased for $5.

Virtual screenings are available to view anytime during the December Mini-Fest. More information can be found at or on the Festival channel home page.

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