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Public Theater Announces New Acting Company

The Public Theater of San Antonio has announced that it is launching its own resident acting company.

The new company will be comprised of local professional actors. It is part of a larger artistic vision to transform the theater into a cultural institution that better reflects San Antonio’s demographics and communities. Compared to the other top ten largest cities in the nation, San Antonio has few professional theaters.

Executive Artistic Director Claudia de Vasco

The Public’s Executive Artistic Director Claudia de Vasco aims to change that with an artistic vision that sets the theater on a track aligning it with other professional, regional theaters in Texas and the country.

Ms. de Vasco said, “The purpose of the resident company is to secure and develop professional talent by offering them working contracts and access to training resources — essentially establishing a ‘home team’ of professional actors by the San Antonio community.”

“We believe that by supporting local talent through this initiative, we will demonstrate The Public Theater’s commitment to local economic growth, prioritizing job creation for local San Antonians, investing resources in our talent, and retaining the wonderful creatives that originate from this culture-filled city,” she added.

Along with the new artistic vision, this opens a discussion on current training resources that are available to develop local talent as well as the number of professional contracts to retain actors in San Antonio. The Public Theater will craft the parameters of the program with input from an artistic advisory committee chaired by Board of Trustees member Jovanna Avila.

The artistic advisory committee will be nominated by theater leadership and selected based on their experience. Experience includes contribution to San Antonio theater and a personal artist’s statement. Details concerning the selection process for the resident acting company itself will be presented at a premiere event in conjunction with the 2022–23 season announcement.

Actors interested in joining the company will get more information on how to do so will get more information during the announcement, and company members will be announced prior to the start of the 2022-23 season.

News about the 2022-23 season and the new initiatives will be unveiled in March.

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  • Anonymous

    Now we need to get an acting program that grants an MFA with chance to earn Equity card in San Antonio.


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