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A Message to San Antonio Theater Fans

By Shane Glenn Vickers

Shane is a multidisciplinary creative. As an actor. director, acting coach and playwright he and his fiancé, Christopher Ryan Quiroz, are advocates for the arts and Artist wellness.

I have been inspired by friends and professionals who are spearheading these movements in major cities all over the world.

To Our Local Theatre Fans, Friends, and Family:

Right now is an unprecedented time for our community, and the local theatre and arts community will be hit especially hard. COVID-19 has caused a great deal of change, and we are all facing a tremendous amount of uncertainty. Currently, our leaders have made the hard but necessary choice to ban mass gatherings of people, and nobody is sure how long this may last. Probably far longer than we even know. This directly affects theatres, as they will be unable to host shows and sell tickets for an extended period of time. Theatres are facing a major loss in revenue because of this. In addition to the impact on our organizations, the performers, artisans, and administrative staff of local theatres are going to have personal financial struggles through the coming weeks and months.

Theatres all over the country are making the difficult decision to lay off staff and postpone all programming until next season in order to preserve the institution long term. These are not easy decisions and are painful for everyone involved, there is no easy way to do this and some organizations cannot afford to give staff severance packages or additional months of health insurance. We all know the importance of the arts and it’s healing factors. Please have empathy for these organizations and for all of those affected.

We are coming to you now to ask for your continued support of local theatre, even as they temporarily shutter their doors. There are three easy ways you can help support them through these uncertain times: make a donation, buy a gift certificate, and talk to your legislators.

Make a donation. All of the theatres listed in this letter are nonprofit organizations. That means that they re-invest any profits they make back into thier mission, rather than paying shareholders. As nonprofit organizations, it also means they can accept tax-deductible donations! This is by far the best thing you can do right now to support your local theatres. A pledge for monthly support is also a wonderful way to provide sustained support as we work to recover in the coming months. Finally, if you bought a ticket to a show that gets cancelled, consider turning the cost of that ticket into a donation, rather than asking for a refund.

Buy a gift certificate. Many local theatres have the ability to issue gift certificates that patrons can use for future shows. Please check with the theatres you frequent, and inquire if they can sell a gift certificate. Treat your future self to a night of entertainment, and once life returns to normal we look forward to welcoming you into our theatres!
Talk to your legislators. In the coming weeks there will likely be bills put forth on the state and national levels for economic relief for those affected by COVID-19. Please reach out to your legislators and let them know that nonprofit arts organizations and artists should be included in these relief packages.

We can make it through this together, but local theatres need your support to help weather this storm. Even once COVID-19 passes, theatres will still be facing financial gaps and tight budgets, and will be asking for your donation to offset their losses. Please have patience. We are all dedicated to bringing you amazing theatrical experiences
We look forward to seeing you once again at our theatres. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

Until we meet again there is a Ghost Light on in every theatre…a spark to pierce the dark…

CYT San Antonio New Braunfels
Overtime Theater
Crystal Sea Drama Company
The Magik Theatre
Teatro Audaz
The Public Theater of San Antonio
The Classic Theatre of San Antonio
Performing Arts San Antonio
The Vexler Theatre at The Jewish Community Center of San Antonio
Woodlawn Theatre
Harlequin Theatre
Roxie Theatre Company
Players at the Pointe
Bubble Sisters Productions
The Wimberley Players
Boerne Community Theatre

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